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Several news in San Francisco CityPass Program

As of March 1, both the original San Francisco CityPASS® ticket program, which covers prepaid, discounted admission to four top San Francisco attractions, and its C3 ticket counterpart, designed for shorter-stay visitors to the City by the Bay, will see attraction lineup changes. 

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In addition, the original San Francisco CityPASS ticket will be available in both its current printed booklet form or as a convenient mobile ticket that can be purchased online and instantly delivered to the buyer’s mobile device.

Brand-new to both San Francisco ticket options is the San Francisco Zoo and Gardens, whose 100 acres of peaceful and majestic grounds are home to 2,000 exotic, endangered and rescued animals. Among the zoo’s highlights are the Leanne Roberts African Region and the Valentine Family Savanna, offering a multi-species landscape with giraffes, zebras, kudu, ostriches and more; Hearst Grizzly Gulch, where visitors can get nose-to-nose with rescued grizzly sisters Kachina and Kiona; and Penguin Island, home to the largest colony of Magellanic penguins outside of the wild.

San Francisco CityPASS Changes

The new San Francisco CityPASS program will cover prepaid admission to the following attractions:
• The California Academy of Sciences
• A Blue and Gold Fleet Bay Cruise Adventure
• A choice between Aquarium of the Bay or The Walt Disney Family Museum
• A choice between the Exploratorium or San Francisco Zoo and Gardens
Note: The Walt Disney Family Museum and the San Francisco Zoo and Gardens are new additions; the 3-Day Cable Car & Muni Bus Passport will no longer be part of the San Francisco CityPASS program.

Travelers to San Francisco also will have the option of purchasing CityPASS admission tickets in either the original printed booklet form or a convenient new mobile ticket delivered by email and easily saved to the buyer’s mobile device or Apple Wallet. Each San Francisco CityPASS ticket saves travelers 45% off combined admission to the above attractions.

In addition to providing San Francisco CityPASS buyers with an on-the-go option (tickets can be purchased on the steps of an attraction and presented for entry seconds later), mobile tickets are delivered in the language the buyer selected when they first visited the CityPASS website. For international travelers, it is especially accommodating to have an end-to-end translated experience in the language of their choosing (language options include Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish).

Mobile tickets work in the same manner as printed CityPASS ticket booklets, although, instead of scanning a printed ticket for entry, attractions will scan the visitor’s mobile device. Both mobile tickets and printed San Francisco CityPASS ticket booklets can be purchased online at CityPASS.com/san-francisco.

CityPASS C3 Ticket Changes
The San Francisco CityPASS C3 ticket lets shorter-stay and weekend travelers experience the benefits of the original San Francisco CityPASS program—deeply discounted prepaid admission to premier visitor sights—with a customizable mobile ticket that allows entry to three top sites. The three chosen attractions do not need to be selected in advance and can be visited in any order.

As of March 1, attraction options will include:
• California Academy of Sciences
• Blue and Gold Fleet Bay Cruise Adventure
• Aquarium of the Bay
• Exploratorium
• San Francisco Museum of Modern Art—SFMOMA
• The Walt Disney Family Museum
• Bay City Bike and Parkwide Bike Rentals
• de Young Museum + Legion of Honor
• San Francisco Zoo and Gardens

Note: The San Francisco Zoo and Gardens is a new addition to the San Francisco C3 program.
C3 tickets are available only in mobile form and save travelers up to 38% off combined admission. They can be purchased online at CityPASS.com/san-francisco-C3. Current pricing: $69 for adults, $54 for children age 4-11.