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National Seashell Day on June 20 at Fort Myers & Sanibel is official

June 20 has been proclaimed National Seashell Day by The Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel. Shelling enthusiasts now have a reason to commemorate their favorite pastime as -MORE - Shell seekers find treasures on The Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel well as the perfect reason for a summer getaway.

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Many hotels throughout the destination are offering special deals and packages just for the occasion. Special events, lectures, shelling tours, workshops with area shell artists and more will take place to celebrate the day. For details visit www.nationalseashellday.com.

Famous area beaches are some of the best for shelling with names such as angel wings, baby's ear, kitten's paw, alphabet cone, paper fig and worm shells, to name a few, shelling is taken seriously here.

This area is home to 50 miles of sandy-white beaches that shelter some of the best shelling in the United States. Visitors and residents alike search the beaches for treasures. Some even set out with flashlights before sunrise to find the best specimens washed ashore.

The Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel yields some 400 species of multi-colored seashells, from the commonplace scallop and clam to the exotic tulips, olives, fragile paper fig shells and the rarest of them all, the brown speckled junonia. Considered a “once in a lifetime” find, stumbling across a junonia may get your photo in the local Sanibel newspaper.

The ideal geography of the area has everything to do with its bounty of shells. Shells from the Gulf of Mexico eventually roll up the slightly sloping undersea shelf. The gentle waves keep a majority of shells intact.