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Unique animal encounters at Miami Seaquarium

Park guests can get up-close and personal with a variety of marine life residents. 

16.06.2016 00:08 |  Miami Seaquarium | 

Whether swimming deep beneath the surface or leaping high above the water, the sea life of Miami Seaquarium will delight and astound. The park's animal encounter programs bring guests up close and personal to marine residents with dolphin interaction programs at Dolphin Harbor, a unique Seal Swim program and an underwater Sea Trek Reef Encounter.

Dolphin Harbor
Dolphin Harbor is home to the dolphin interaction programs at Miami Seaquarium. The facility features a 700,000 gallon dolphin habitat along with a guest reception area, education seminar room, changing facilities and rest rooms. Dolphin Harbor is also home to ten Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins, all of whom were born at the marine park.
At Dolphin Harbor guests may participate in one of two dolphin interaction programs. The Dolphin Odyssey program is a 30 minute in-water experience that includes feeding, touching and learning about these magnificent animals plus the opportunity to be pulled across the pool by one of the resident dolphins. Those who do not want to participate in the dolphin swim program may wade out into the pool and meet the dolphins in the Dolphin Encounter program. This family-friendly program features an educational seminar and the chance to feed and touch a dolphin as well as learn about dolphin training techniques.

Seal Swim
The popular Seal Swim is a unique deep and shallow water interaction with Harbor Seals. Miami Seaquarium is the only attraction in the U.S. to offer this exceptional animal encounter. The Seal Swim begins with you changing into one of our wetsuits and then enjoying a brief educational and safety talk with one of the park's seal trainers. Guests join the seals in the water for a 15-20 minute swim. During the interaction, guest swim freely alongside the seals then are introduced to a special seal friend to receive hugs, kisses, and take part in a fun training session.

Sea Trek Reef Encounter
The Sea Trek Reef Encounter is an underwater helmet diving experience that allows guests to dive 15 feet below the surface of the water in the 300,000 gallon reef aquarium and be eye to eye with marine life without any special training or certifications. Park guests will feel like they are walking on the moon when they submerge into a surreal underwater paradise where colorful tropical fish, large groupers, cobia, loggerhead sea turtles and moray eels abound.

more information: www.miamiseaquarium.com