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La Cita Introduces La Cita Hub, a one-on-one “Continuous Virtual Event”

La Cita de las Americas, the premier travel trade conference for US suppliers and Latin American buyers, has developed a new sales and marketing platform that some are referring to as a virtual event — without end.

25.05.2021 18:54 |  La Cita de las Americas | 

Announcing the new platform, La Cita’s Managing Director Rick Still said, “COVID-19 has created great uncertainty in the marketplace. The only thing we know is that we don’t know anything for certain.”

La Cita Hub features the same elements as our live event: current company and individual searches, products, comprehensive buyer and supplier information, and our messaging tool … everything you need to set up appointments via phone or zoom to reconnect with your colleagues.

“Some destinations remain heavily engaged with the marketplace, but most US destinations have focused their marketing and sales efforts on domestic markets,” Still continued. He also noted that the greatest potential “loss” to the inbound US sales efforts is the reduction in veteran personnel many organizations were forced to undergo. La Cita Hub will create a new network of colleagues focused on this critical market.
Industry experts agree that the major media outlets throughout Latin America have done a great job reporting the disruptions and adjustments in the marketplace. Event organizers and other groups have, likewise, done an excellent job presenting webinars and virtual events. But the core element of doing business in the Americas, the one-on-one relationships, has been greatly disrupted in the COVID-19 pandemic environment. This is the bridge La Cita Hub seeks to build.

La Cita’s Assistant Managing Director, Heather Still, has coordinated the work of La Cita’s core development team and its network of National Coordinators. “We have received remarkable support and ideas for La Cita Hub and believe this will greatly help our friends and colleagues as they begin the process of rebuilding”.