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Big Bus Tour announces Los Angeles as new city in the global porfolio

Big Bus Tours, the world’s largest privately-owned operator of open-top sightseeing tours, has announced at IPW today, their expansion into a new world famous city: Los Angeles.

22.05.2018 12:10 |  Big Bus Tours | 

Due to launch this fall, Big Bus Tours will provide visitors with a never-before-available experience in L.A. The three tours will feature live guides, and will concentrate on the must-see places to visit, including Hollywood, Downtown and the Oceanside locations of Venice and Santa Monica, before looking to expand to cover celebrity neighbourhoods.

L.A. joins Chicago, Las Vegas, Miami, New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Washington D.C, the global portfolio of US cities.

Market leaders in the field, customers in L.A. will enjoy the technology advancements Big Bus Tours have implemented in recent years, including digital content, free WiFi, Real-Time Bus Tracking and the ability for customers to locate their nearest stop through the new mobile app.

Alex Payne, Big Bus Tours CEO, said: “Our vision is to be the number one thing to do in every world-famous city, which we can achieve by ensuring that our tours are not only the first things customers do in every city, but are also the best. By adding new cities to our portfolio we constantly strive to keep Big Bus Tours as the market leader for consumers bookable through the trade.”

He added, “L.A. is a destination that is made for open-top, sightseeing tours, and as one of the largest cities in the US, attracting an abundance of travellers from around the world, what better way to showcase L.A. than on-board the top deck of an open-top double decker bus! We are fantastic story tellers, and L.A. has some incredible stories for tourists to hear and enjoy! Introducing our own purpose built buses into the market, our tour, run by a seasoned General Manager from the US, will concentrate on all the major places to visit. Customer can hop-on to discover and hop-off to explore”.

“Los Angeles is an ever-evolving city that offers visitors attractions and experiences that can’t be found anywhere else,” said Kathryn Smits, Vice President of International Tourism at Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Board. “It doesn’t matter if you’re coming to L.A. for the first time or the hundredth, there’s always something new to experience, so we’re thrilled that Big Bus Tours will begin offering tours in L.A. and that visitors have another great option on how to explore our dynamic city.”
Big Bus Tours is also pleased to announce the company’s first ever Partner Support Portal for the trade. Trade.bigbustours.com will provide trade partners with the latest new Big Bus Tours’ products, as well as service, route and ticket information, maps, brand assets, image and video libraries. The site will act as an easy-to-use one-stop-shop for trade partners to enable them to sell Big Bus products effectively. And it doesn’t stop there.

As part of the company’s drive to reduce paper vouchers, last year saw the launch of the Big Bus Tours’ API platform. This trade-specific API has been built as a modular system, allowing partners to utilise as many or as few resources as required, coupled with new QR technology embedded into vouchers. Accelerating partner growth, this upgrade has already shown positive results, with the biggest API partner achieving 198 percent growth in the first year of integration.