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Westin St. Maarten goes solar

The Westin Hotel in Dawn Beach is the first major hotel on the island to install solar power. The hotel’s owner, Columbia Sussex Corporation, contracted Anthony Prall Jr.’s Caribbean Energy Store to design a system to facilitate its 317 guest rooms, restaurants, rest rooms, laundry facilities, and spa. 

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Once completed, the solar system will produce more than 100 Kwh of electricity. “That’s $3 million over the system’s 25 year lifetime.” solar photovoltaic system will be installed on the hotel’s roof.

‘There is a capital outlay and the owners realize that the costs don’t compare to the additional business that you bring in from the goodwill you create with the employees in the community,” Westin’s general manager Dan Szydlowski says. “There are a lot of additional paybacks other than just the financial side.”
The completed system will produce 234,000 Kwh per year, about 12 percent of the property’s total electricity consumption. The output equals the energy needs for 48 rooms.
“The fact that they produce 12 percent rather than 50 percent shows that they are trying to reach their goals/’ Prall commented. Producing 12 percent of their electricity with solar makes a big difference and offsets a lot of carbon.”

That aside, Szydlowski says that Columbia Sussex would not go for solar if it did not make financial sense. “We are looking to make an entire floor with rooms powered by solar panels. We believe guests will request to stay in solar-powered rooms.”
According to the Caribbean energy store the system will avoid 12.1 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions and 14,291 pounds of nitrogen oxide emissions over the next thirty years. It will also save 1,639 tons of oil, otherwise needed for electricity production. MI these savings equal “the planting of 792 trees a year”
“We are excited to see more property owners who are motivated to generate clean energy from renewable sources as part of the expanding green economy,” “Solar projects like this are creating employment opportunities for our new country in a sustainable manner.”

Over its lifetime, the system could produce 3 million Kwh According to Prall this equals “powering 150 homes for thirty years or driving 400,000 miles in an SUV.”

The system at the Westin include a web-based monitoring system that provides historical and real-time production data. This information is used for operational and educational purposes 
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